Quality Management

The proper introduction of a structured quality management system (or business management system) will bring significant benefits to an organisation. We recommend the implementation of ISO 9001, certification to UKAS standard as the basis for a fully integrated risk and quality management system.


Having your management system certified by a certification body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation System is the ONLY way you can be certain of truly independent third body certification. Many organisations offer “off the shelf” packages but the old adage of “buyer beware” should definitely be heeded here. Only through certification by a UKAS accredited body can you be certain your system complies.



With over 30 years management experience coupled with a record audit and consultancy in complex organisations. PQRM has the credentials and expertise to ensure your organisation is in a position to reap the benefits of implementing a sound quality management system.

PQRM is not a certification body- but we have invested time and effort to attain the standards required of such bodies. In that way we are able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise in order to ensure your quality system not only fits with your business model but also complies with the rigorous standards imposed by UKAS. Once you are ready, will assist you to choose an accredited certification body. We will support you through the certification process and underpin the audit  with our unique guarantee- that should you be unsuccessful as a result of something we have missed, we will work with you to rectify matters at no additional cost to you.

Why ISO 9001?

Here are a few of the recognised benefits of implementing ISO 9001 – Only through certification by a UKAS accredited body can you be certain your system complies.

  • Lower costs and wastage.
  • Easier to manage change.
  • Easier to train staff.
  • A more dedicated and motivated workforce.
  • A more responsive organisation.
  • The business is run in a more structured way.
  • Higher calibre of staff and manager is attracted to and retained by the business.
  • Everyone follows “best practice”.
  • Less time spent on “fire-fighting”.
  • More satisfied customers.
  • Continual improvement.
  • If there are problems there is a systematic process for dealing with them.
  • More efficient and profitable.
  • Gives customers more confidence.