Risk Management

Risk is a fact of life which we ignore at our peril. That’s why every organisation, regardless of size or complexity, must actively manage its Risks in order to survive, grow and flourish.

Risk Management

At PQRM our approach is geared 100% to enabling YOU to manage YOUR RISKS. Because ultimately we believe that if you’re not actively managing your organisation’s Risk, then no-one is.

Based on over 35 years’ experience of dealing with risk, ranging from the day-to-day issues that affect every workplace to major strategic decisions at organisational and national level, PQRM is able to provide the expertise for minimising the likelihood and impact of the raft of risks faced by every organisation today. From Fire Risk Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessments to detailed audits of risk and safety management systems, PQRM provides a wide range of services to assure the continuity of service essential to staff and customers alike.

We don’t stop at audit or assessment; we won’t produce a manual or policy document and then just leave you to it. Using internationally approved standards, our pledge is to work with you to develop an effective and bespoke Integrated Risk Management Plan encompassing Fire, Health and Safety, Environmental and Business Continuity Management for your organisation. This, together with the development of the systems that will ensure you are able to maintain and operate it effectively, will not only give you the peace of mind that you comply with all relevant legislation but will enhance your ability to effectively respond and recover when disaster strikes.

Fire Risk Assessment


It is a legal requirement for every employer to carry out a suitable Fire Risk Assessment for their premises. But it is much more than that. Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is the first step in identifying the risk from fire to your business, your staff and your customers; it is the first step in developing a strategy that will ensure life safety and the protection of your property; it is your first step in taking control.


At PQRM we use the national standard, PAS79, as published by the British Standards Institute so you can be certain that your Risk Assessment will be carried out to the highest standards. But, more than that, we offer advice based on over thirty five years experience and supported by academic research and certification in Fire Engineering. And we will share our knowledge and expertise so that YOU are able to effectively manage the risks you face daily.

We don’t sell fire extinguishers, alarm systems or signage so you can be certain that we have no vested interest in supplying you with products your organisation doesn’t need. But we will help you to chose reputable suppliers and, of course, are happy to offer essential staff training.

So whether you need a Fire Engineered Solution, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Strategy Development, Training or simply good advice, contact us and let us put you back in control.

Health and Safety Management

Every good employer recognises the importance of Health & Safety management in their workplace. But as well as being a legal requirement, research has shown that those organisations which have a positive safety culture also out-perform their competitors in other ways.

This should really come as no surprise when, for example, we consider that comparisons between the direct cost of an accident at work (e.g. a fine imposed) with the hidden costs of down-time during the investigation, the temporary absence of trained staff, delays to customers, rectifying the problem, legal costs etc are staggering. It is estimated that indirect, unseen costs are typically 8-10 times those of direct costs. It is often likened to an iceberg, steadily floating towards the unwitting organisation.

With years of experience in Health and Safety Management PQRM is ideally placed to put you firmly in control of your Health and Safety risks. Using HSE approved standards (such as HSG65, OHSAS 18001 and the new ISO 45001) we can enable you to manage all aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace. In addition, Health and Safety will seamlessly form part of an Integrated Risk Management strategy which will ensure the safety of you, your workforce and your customers- and protect your organisation from the impact of the unseen costs of accidents.

Environmental Management

The days of an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) being a “nice to have” rather than a corporate need are long gone. While all progressive businesses and public sector organisations recognise the moral imperative, more and more are waking up to the returns realised from investment in reducing organisational risk through the development of a certified EMS. Typical benefits include:

  • A reduction in environmental incidents;
  • Improved reputation
  • A reduction in waste and disposal costs;
  • Marketing advantage - particularly for public sector contracts;
  • Increased profits and lower costs.

Using ISO 14001 as our basic standard, PQRM will put you in control of all your environmental risks and challenges, working with you to develop a bespoke Environmental Management System which will dovetail into a fully integrated Risk Management System for your organisation. Meaning that you can spend less time generating waste and more time generating business growth.

Business Continuity Management

The importance of Business Continuity Management (BCM) cannot be overstated. The need for any organisation to deal with and recover from unforeseen disaster is an essential for survival in an ever more complex and unpredictable world. That is why BCM is enshrined in legislation for our emergency services. But it is equally important for the long-term survival of any business, regardless of size. 

Expecting the unexpected is, of course, easier said than done. But a well thought out BCM will provide you with the capability to identify potential disasters, mitigate their impact and promote the early recovery that is essential to both you and your customers. PQRM has extensive experience of planning for and responding to major disasters- everything from managing the effects of extreme weather, building collapse and explosions to pandemic flu and computer viruses. We will share our experience and expertise with you to enable you to plan for, manage and minimise the impact of major unforeseen events.

Using the international standard ISO 22301 as our baseline, we will work with you to create a bespoke Business Continuity Plan and crisis management structure that is both workable and effective. In addition, it will be structured to dovetail into a fully Integrated Risk Management system to give you the confidence to grow your business, sure in the knowledge that you are fully prepared to deal with anything a hostile world can throw at you.