Project Management

Projects are at the heart of organisational change and development. The smallest project, effectively executed, can lead to outstanding levels of success; conversely, poorly managed projects potentially lead to financial, commercial and reputational disaster.

Project Management

Projects form a key aspect in the growth and development of every successful organisation. At PQRM we have over twenty five years’ experience in project management application and training to place at our customers’ disposal.

Whether your preference is PRINCE2, DSDM, BS 6079, ISO 21500, PMBOK or any other recognised standard, we can help. We appreciate the need for different organisations to apply different models to project, programme and portfolio management, dependent on size, complexity and maturity. PQRM delivers a level of service tailored to the needs of individual clients to help ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and to the right specification. 

Whether it is project audit, assurance or management support, or simply project and programme health checks, PQRM has the skills and experience to provide the high levels of service demanded by public and private sector bodies alike.

Project Assurance

While every project is by definition unique, sadly the reasons for project failure are not. Whether the root cause of failure is a weak business case, insufficient funds, lack of organisational commitment, poor scoping or any of a raft of other well documented shortcomings, the net impact for the project- and the organisation- is seldom trivial.

Almost all projects are launched in the right spirit with enthusiasm and commitment. So why do so many end up at best falling short of delivering all that was hoped for, at worst withering completely on the vine- but only after having incurred huge costs? One key aspect of all successful projects is a robust and independent Project Assurance system. In reality, this is often difficult to achieve, particularly for smaller organisations. PQRM has the experience and expertise to help you with this.

Our unique approach to Project Assurance won’t guarantee your project or programme will be a runaway success; but, through a careful, targeted and systematic process, we will provide you with the crucial insight and information vital for making those key decisions upon which the future of your organisation depends.

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